How Does It Work?

When you contract me to complete a service for you, part of the service can’t be done by me. That’s why I follow this order of events for a service:

  1. Research, design, cost, and plan out the whole service. (This step includes discussing the cost and service with the customer to reach an agreement.)
  2. Determine which steps for the service I cannot complete.
    • Steps that I cannot complete include:
      • Electrical wiring for all voltages
      • Major electrical work
      • Other jobs that require a license per Georgia law
    • Steps that I can complete include
      • Hardware installation
      • System setup
      • Other jobs that do not require a license per Georgia law
  3. Contract external contractors to complete tasks that I am not able to complete.
    • The only fee from this step passed to the customer is that of the external contractor. I do not pass any fee for arranging external contracting services to the customer.
  4. Complete all other tasks myself.

This way, you’re paying less than if you were to contract another contractor to complete the entire service while supporting a small business and a local teen. Thanks in advance for your support!